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Screening Programs

GetChecked Manitoba includes CancerCare Manitoba’s 3 organized cancer screening programs:

BreastCheck | CervixCheck | ColonCheck

Our goal is to decrease deaths from breast, cervix and colon cancer. Eligible individuals who have no symptoms are encouraged to get screened for breast, cervix and colon cancer to find changes early and treat them if necessary. Finding cancer early provides the best chance for successful treatment and cure. The screening tests for cervix and colon cancers can help prevent the start of cancer.

Our programs:

  • provide increased access to cancer screening services across the province
  • use letters to invite and remind Manitobans to get screened, and notify them of results
  • partner with health care providers to ensure that individuals with abnormal screening results get the follow-up care they need
  • provide information and resources to the public and health care providers

For information on how the screening programs operate, please visit the individual program sections on our website:


We only offer screening for breast, cervix and colon cancers as there is not enough evidence to show that screening for other types of cancer across large populations will effectively reduce the number of cases of cancer or deaths, and may cause more harm than benefit to those being screened. Talk to your health care provider if you have questions about screening for other cancers.

Manitoba Health provides the screening programs with information to know who to invite for screening, including:

  • name, address, and date of birth
  • personal health identification number (PHIN) and Manitoba medical number (MHSC)

You can be confident that your information is kept secure, private and confidential at all times. BreastCheck, CervixCheck and ColonCheck follow the Manitoba Personal Health Information Act (PHIA). This means that:

  • your personal health information is private and confidential
  • all program staff have signed a pledge of confidentiality

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