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In the days after your mammogram, a radiologist will look at your mammogram images and complete a report. Within 2 weeks of your mammogram, both you and your healthcare provider will receive notification of your mammogram result. Results will be either normal or abnormal. Click to view the BreastCheck pathway (pdf) in English or French.


Your mammogram report will also note your breast density. BreastCheck categorizes breast density into one of two categories:

  1. less than 75% dense breast tissue (<75%).
  2. equal to or greater than 75% dense breast tissue (>75%).

When a person has more glandular and fibrous connective tissue than fatty tissue, their breast tissue may be called dense. To request your breast density information click here.

If you have dense breasts and are concerned about your risk of developing breast cancer, you should discuss your personal risk factors with your healthcare provider.

Most mammogram results will be normal and they will be asked to return to BreastCheck in 2 years for another screening mammogram.

Some women may be asked to return in 1 year. The most common reasons for this are:

  • High or low increased risk based on family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer.
  • The radiologist thinks it is best for the woman to come more often based on their clinical assessment.
  • It is the woman's first mammogram and we do not have other mammograms to compare.

BreastCheck will send you a letter to remind you when it is time to book your next appointment. Call us if you do not receive a letter.

Even if you have a normal mammogram result, if you notice any changes from how your breasts normally look and feel, you should contact your healthcare provider.


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