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Screening guidelines

Screening Initiation: All women who are, or have ever been sexually active (sexual intercourse and intimate touching) should be screened with Pap tests every 3 years, starting at age 21. Transgender males and females may also need regular cervical cancer screening. Those who are not sexually active by age 21 should delay screening until sexually active.

Screening Interval: In the absence of abnormal cytology, routine screening should continue every 3 years.

Cessation of Screening: Screening can be discontinued at age 70 after three or more negative Pap tests in the previous 10 years.

CervixCheck Screening Guidelines (pdf)

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Managing the Screening History of Women <21 Years of Age (pdf)

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Patient Resource: "Pap testing in Manitoba has changed: What you need to know." (pdf)

Canadian Taskforce on Preventive Health Care


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