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Program operations

CervixCheck sends four types of letters to primary care providers and clients/patients:

  1. abnormal follow-up letters (fail-safe),
  2. high-grade result letters,
  3. invitation letters, and
  4. recall letters.

Abnormal Follow-Up (Fail-Safe) Letters

Follow-up or fail safe letters are sent to health care providers, clients or both to ensure appropriate investigation of abnormal screening results occurs. Correspondence is sent when the appropriate investigation is overdue.

High-Grade Result Letters

In the absence of appropriate follow-up, result letters are sent to patients with a high-grade abnormal Pap test result. Letters are sent four weeks after the specimen date and notify patients of their high-grade test result and need for colposcopy. These letters are meant to encourage patients with high-grade results to contact their health care provider to arrange an appointment for colposcopy. Information about abnormal results, colposcopy and the importance of Pap tests is also provided in the letter. The specimen taker is still responsible to notify patients of all abnormal Pap test results.

Invitation and Recall Letters

An invitation letter is correspondence from a cervical screening program to woman or transgender person who has never been screened. This invitation letter informs the client about screening and their eligibility to participate in screening.

A recall letter is correspondence from a cervical screening program to a previously screened client informing the client they are due for repeat routine screening.

Invitation and recall letters notify clients of their screening status and encourage clients to make an appointment with their health care provider for a Pap test. Information about the importance of Pap tests and where to access this service is also provided in the letter.


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