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Information for health care professionals

CervixCheck is a population-based screening program operated by CancerCare Manitoba. Our goal is to decrease cervical cancer incidence and mortality through the development and management of comprehensive and equitable cervical cancer screening for Manitoba women. The program:

  • Doctor Lotockioperates a registry of all Pap tests, colposcopy and biopsy results, and HPV vaccine information,

  • facilitates awareness and education about the importance of Pap tests,

  • partners with health care professionals to increase access to screening,

  • supports health care provider, colposcopy and laboratory quality assurance, and

  • sends recall, invitation, result and fail-safe letters to clinicians and clients/patients.

Contact us to:

Checkmark request a screening history (pdf).
Checkmark consult our Pap Test Learning Module
Checkmark review answers to frequently asked questions.
Checkmark access education and resources.
Checkmark register your Pap test clinic.
Checkmark ask us questions about screening and patient management.

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