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The goal of CervixCheck is to reduce the number of Manitobans diagnosed with cervical cancer. In order to do this, CervixCheck operates a screening registry.

What is the CervixCheck registry?

The registry is a confidential record of Pap tests and follow-up test results for all Manitobans. The registry contains:

  • your name, address and date of birth,

  • your Personal Health Identification Number (PHIN) and your Manitoba Medical Number (MHSC),

  • the date(s) of your test(s) and results,

  • the name, address and number of the health care provider who did your test(s), and

  • the name of the laboratory where each test was read.

Your personal health information is collected according to a regulation of the Public Health Act. For more information about your rights under the Personal Health Information Act, contact the Privacy Officer for CancerCare Manitoba at (204) 787-2266 or the Manitoba Health Legislative Unit at (204) 788-6612.

Who sees my personal information?

  • The health care provider who takes your Pap test,

  • The laboratory that reads your Pap test, and

  • CervixCheck staff involved in the registry.

Everyone who has access to your information is bound by the Personal Health Information Act (PHIA) and has signed a pledge of confidentiality.

How does the registry help me?


  • keeps a record of all Pap tests and follow-up tests done for you after April 27, 2001,

  • allows you to obtain your own test results,

  • sends your health care provider a letter if you fail to get recommended follow-up testing when an abnormality has been found,

  • sends you a letter if follow-up is outstanding for an abnormal Pap test or if you are overdue for a Pap test,

  • collects information to improve our understanding of cancer of the cervix, and

  • helps us to improve Pap test services across Manitoba.

Keeping records becomes important if you move or change health care providers, or if your health care provider moves or changes laboratories. When looking at test results, medical staff should take your past history into account.

Can I opt out of the registry?

Yes. To opt out, indicate this in the form below and return it to CervixCheck. We encourage you to discuss your decision with your health care provider or with CervixCheck.

Can I opt back into the registry?

Yes. To opt back in to the registry, please call our office. Your test results will be available to the registry from the date that you reenter the program.

To opt out of the Registry, please click on your preferred language:


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