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Pap test results are usually available two weeks after the test. To find out your result:

  1. Contact the doctor or nurse who did your test, or

  2. Request a copy of your results from CervixCheck.

Although most Pap test results are normal (negative for intraepithelial lesion or malignancy), about one in 10 tests come back as abnormal (cervical dysplasia). Most of the time, abnormal changes will disappear on their own without any treatment. You may need a repeat Pap test, or in some cases, you may need colposcopy. Most women who have abnormal Pap test results and who have follow-up test and/or treatment will never get cancer of the cervix. Be sure to keep all appointments after an abnormal Pap test. For more information, see the following resources:

What you need to know about preventing cervical cancer (pdf) English | French


Return to your doctor or nurse anytime you have abnormal vaginal bleeding (bleeding after menopause, persistent bleeding between periods or with sex), or abnormal vaginal discharge.


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