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FAQ - Doing the Home Screening Test

Do I have to change my diet or medication while doing this test?

ColonCheck does not require you to stop eating red meat or to stop taking medications to do this test. You can continue to eat your usual diet except for Vitamin C, as large amounts may hide blood that is in the stool. Click here (pdf) for more information about how much Vitamin C is allowed. Click here (pdf) for a complete listing of common foods and their Vitamin C content.

What if I had too much vitamin C while doing the test?

If you did consume more than 250 mg of vitamin C during the collection period, please discard the test and click here to request a new test. After you do the test, you send it in the mail to the lab. ColonCheck will send you and your health care provider your result.

Should I start the test if I am menstruating?

Wait until your period is finished before starting the test. If your menstrual period starts during the collection period call ColonCheck for a new test at 204-788-8635 or toll free at 1-855-95-CHECK.

What if it takes more than 3 days for me to complete the test?

  • Once you start the test, you must collect and mail the samples within a maximum of 7 days.

  • 7 additional days are needed to account for the time it takes for the lab to receive the mail and analyze the test.

  • If more than 14 days has passed between the day the first sample was collected and the day the test was analyzed, ColonCheck will send you a new test to complete.

If I have more than one bowel movement in a day, can I take samples from each of them?

Because polyps and cancers may bleed intermittently, it is recommended that you take your sample from one bowel movement per day.

What if I develop diarrhea during the collection process?

If the diarrhea is such that you can't collect your sample, call for a new test at 204-788-8635 or 1-855-95-CHECK.

What if I suffer from constipation?

If you cannot do the test within 7 days, this may not be the best screening test for you. Please talk to your doctor about screening.

What are the toilet bowl liners for?

The toilet bowl liner is used to help collect your stool sample. After urinating and flushing the toilet, unfold a toilet bowl liner and drop it in the toilet so that the edges of the tissue stick to the sides of the toilet bowl. Have a bowel movement. The stool will fall onto the toilet bowel liner. You will then use the applicator stick to collect the stool.

What if the toilet bowl liners tears and the stool sample falls into the toilet water?

If there are no chemicals in the toilet water and you are comfortable doing so, you can get the stool out of the toilet water using a clean container such as a margarine container. You can then use the applicator stick to collect the stool.

I have a septic tank. Is it ok to flush the toilet bowl liners, or will it plug up my system?

The collection tissues will dissolve and are designed to be flushed. However, if you have a septic tank, you may want to use an alternate method of stool collection such as using a clean disposable plastic container or paper plate.

What if I accidentally open the flap on the back of the collection card?

Close the flap and store the card away from heat, light, and chemicals.

I opened up the front flap on the sample collection card but am not ready to take the test. Is that OK?

It will be OK if you close the flap and store the card away from heat, light, and chemicals.

Why can't I store the collection card in a zip lock bag?

This may affect the results of the test. Store the card only in Envelope A until you are ready to return it.

Can I store the collection card in the fridge or freezer?


I don't have enough applicator sticks (e.g., lost one, threw one away, used two sticks to get one sample). What should I do?

You can use any clean hard object (such as a clean Popsicle stick or a plastic knife) to obtain your sample.

I tore the three sections of the collection card apart. Is that OK?

Yes, just ensure your name and collection dates are written on all three flaps.

What should I use to write my name and collection date on the collection card?

Use a permanent pen.

I lost my brown postage-paid envelope. Can I send the kit back in another envelope?

No, please call ColonCheck at 204-788-8635 or toll free at 1-855-95-CHECK and we will send you a new envelope.

Is it safe to send the completed test in the mail?

Yes, please return it by following the instructions.


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