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Program operations

ColonCheck operates a population-based registry, has various invitation strategies and participant reminders, and coordinates follow-up for abnormal test results.

The population-based registry allows ColonCheck to:

  • identify¬†individuals who are eligible for screening,
  • send and track invitations and responses,
  • collect and communicate test results, and
  • monitor data and evaluate program operations.
Invitation strategies used include:
  • collaborating with health care providers, and
  • direct mail.

For more information click on ColonCheck Screening Pathway (pdf).


Invitation Process

ColonCheck invites eligible Manitobans of average risk 50-74 years of age to be screened for colorectal cancer using a guaiac fecal occult blood test (FOBT). The types and frequency of letters include:

Notification letters
ColonCheck sends a notification letter to eligible individuals 50-74 years of age prior to sending the invitation letter. These letters are sent to advise individuals that they will receive a test unless they contact us.

Invitation lettersColonCheck FOBT Kit for Demonstration
ColonCheck sends an invitation letter to the individual automatically. This is sent approximately 3 weeks after the notification letter unless the individual has notified the program of their declining of the invitation or opting out of the program’s mailing list. The invitation letter includes the FOBT test card, instructions, a yellow response form (to be completed by the individual) and a postage paid return envelope.

Reminder letters
ColonCheck sends a reminder letter approximately 8 weeks after the invitation letter to remind individuals to complete the test.

Result letters
ColonCheck sends result letters to individuals and their health care providers within 2-3 weeks of receiving individuals test results.

  • In the event of an abnormal FOBT result, ColonCheck will:
    • mail abnormal test result letter to the health care provider,
    • notify the patient by phone and mail of abnormal result and the need for colonoscopy, and
    • refer patient with a positive test result for colonoscopy

  • In the event that one or more samples was unsatisfactory or the FOBT couldn’t be analyzed at the lab, ColonCheck will:
    • call the individual to advise them that their test was indeterminate and provide the reason as to why and
    • send another test to the individual

Recall letters
Individuals who previously completed a ColonCheck FOBT are sent another test in 2 years if they had a normal result and are still eligible.


FOBT Request Form

To help get your patients screened, ColonCheck has developed an easy-to-use form that health care providers can use to request an FOBT for eligible patients. ColonCheck participants must meet the following criteria:

  • 50-74 years of age
  • No FOBT in the past 2 years
  • No colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy in the past 5 years
  • Average risk with:
    • NO symptoms of colorectal cancer (CRC)
    • NO personal or significant family history CRC (for more information please refer to ColonCheck screening and surveillance guidelines)
    • NO diseases of the colon requiring monitoring by colonoscopy (e.g. Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis)

How does it work?
Fill out the ColonCheck FOBT Request Form and we will send a kit, if the patient is eligible. The contact information of the patient must be confirmed by the clinic.

  • FOBT Request Form is available on select EMR systems. For clinics without EMR, fill out the FOBT request (pdf) and fax back to 204-774-0341.

After receiving the fax, ColonCheck staff will:

  • mail an FOBT kit directly to your patient’s residence if he/she is eligible
  • fax back the request form if your patient is not eligible and provide the reason

For more information contact us at 204-788-8635.


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