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Abnormal results and follow-up

If any one of the 6 samples is positive, the FOBT is considered abnormal. Individuals with an abnormal result are referred for a colonoscopy. If any of the 6 samples are missing or unable to be tested the individual will be sent a new test.

woman on phoneIf the FOBT test result is abnormal the individual will receive a phone call from ColonCheck's Follow-up Coordinator and will be sent a letter and a colonoscopy brochure in the mail. ColonCheck also mails a result letter to the health care provider, if known. The Follow-up Coordinator, or the individual’s health care provider, will arrange a colonoscopy appointment.

ColonCheck can assist health care providers by arranging follow-up colonoscopies for individuals who complete a ColonCheck FOBT and have an abnormal test result. By filling out and faxing back the Permission to Refer Form (pdf) to 204-774-0341, you will be expediting the referral process for your patients who participate in ColonCheck.

After the colonoscopy the Endoscopist provides the primary care provider and ColonCheck with the colonoscopy and pathology results, as well as recommendations for future surveillance or screening. If the test result is normal ColonCheck will recall the individual in 5 years for FOBT testing.

For more information on management of FOBT and Colonoscopy results, view the ColonCheck Screening Guidelines (pdf).


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