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The Home Screening Test

The home screening test is a test that looks for hidden blood in the stool (poop). It is also called a Fecal Occult Blood Test or FOBT. It is a simple test that you do in your own bathroom.

picture home screening testYou place samples of your stool on a test card and send it to the lab where it is checked for hidden blood. Blood may be a sign of polyps or colon cancer.

ColonCheck does not require you to stop eating red meat or to stop taking medications to do this test. You can continue to eat your usual diet except for Vitamin C. Eating a lot of Vitamin C may hide blood that is in your stool.

Click here (pdf) for more information about how much Vitamin C is allowed. Vitamin C is in many foods. Click here (pdf) for a complete listing of common foods and their Vitamin C content.

If you did consume more than 250 mg of vitamin C during the collection period, please discard the test and click here to request a new test. After you do the test, you send it in the mail to the lab. ColonCheck will send you and your health care provider your result.

Instructions (pdf)

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