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Colposcopy Services in Manitoba

Patients with high-grade and persistent low grade/unsatisfactory Pap test results are referred to colposcopy. Colposcopy identifies sub-clinical abnormalities of the cervix using a binocular scope with a high intensity light. Identification of abnormalities are based on epithelial density (white epithelium) and vascular patterns (punctation, etc.).

Using these parameters, an area of abnormality can be identified in order to direct a tissue biopsy by one of the following methods:
  • laser surgery (uses an intense, narrow beam of light to remove abnormal cells),
  • LEEP (loop electro surgical excision procedure; an electrical wire loop is inserted into the vagina where abnormal tissue is removed), or
  • Cone biopsy (the removal of a cone-shaped piece of tissue.
If you have a patient in need of a referral to colposcopy, below is a list of colposcopists to whom you can refer.

Download list of Colposcopy Services in Manitoba (pdf)

The Pas

Brandon Clinic
620 Dennis Street
Brandon MB, R7A5E7
F: 204-571-7216

Dr. O. Akintola
P: 204-728-4440

Dr. B. Helms
P: 204-728-4440

Dr. G. Parr
P: 204-571-7135

Dr. M. Rutherford
P: 204-571-7135

Dr. J. Sutter
P: 204-728-4440

Wheat City Clinic
Unit C1-1711 Kirkcaldy Drive
Brandon MB, R7A0B9
P: 204-727-1711 ext 400
F: 204-717-0485

Dr. Shunmugam

Dauphin Medical Clinic
622-3rd Street SW
Dauphin MB, R7N1R5
P: 204-638-6445
F: 204-638-5670

Dr. K. Pernarowski

210-B Clandeboye Avenue
Selkirk MB, R1A0X1
P: 204-808-9898
F: 204-808-9899

Dr. S. Ziaei Saba

The Pas
The Pas Health Complex
Box 240, 111 Cook Avenue
The Pas MB, R9A1K4
P: 204-623-9609
F: 204-623-1534

Dr. Z. Al Moumen

Northern Consultation Clinic
871 Thompson Drive South
Thompson MB, R8N0C8
P: 204-677-5314
F: 204-677-5339

Dr. L. Azzam
Dr. A. Mustafa

C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre
385 Main Street
Winkler MB, R6W1J2
P: 204-325-4312
F: 204-325-4594

Dr. S. Alhayjaa*
Dr. A. Dyson*
*Note: Drs. Alhayjaa and Dyson perform colopscopies at Boundary Trails Health Centre, but all referrals, pre-op visits and post-op follow-ups are completed at C.W. Wiebe Medical Centre.

Health Sciences Centre
RS425-810 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg MB, R3A 1R8
P: 204-787-4936
F: 204-787-2314

Dr. A. Altman
Dr. E. Dean
Dr. S. Kean
Dr. R. Lotocki
Dr. S. Popowich
Dr. C. Robinson

Dr. M. Sinha
120 Marion Street
Winnipeg MB, R2H0T1
P: 204-237-6482
F: 204-237-6478

Manitoba Clinic
790 Sherbrook Street
Winnipeg MB, R3A1M3

Dr. M. Bernier
P: 204-788-5701
F: 204-784-4124

Dr. M.L. Boroditsky
P: 204-788-5707
F: 204-784-4127

Dr. Corbett
P: 204-788-5503
F: 204-784-4130

Dr. H. Diamond
P: 204-788-5745
F: 204-784-4132

Dr. V. Lee
P: 204-788-5716
F: 204-784-4153

Dr. A. Maksymowicz
P: 204-788-5733
F: 204-784-4117

Winnipeg Clinic
425 St. Mary Avenue
Winnipeg MB, R3C0N2
F: 204-943-1900

Dr. Z. Al Moumen
P: 204-957-3232

Dr. D. Dubyna
P: 204-957-3233

Dr. G. Lefas
P: 204-957-3323

Dr. I. Masoud
P: 204-957-3313

Dr. A. Awadalla
DC Obstetrics & Gynecology
47 Marion Street
Winnipeg MB, R2H 0S8
P: 204-925-3600
F: 204-925-3616

Dr. Debnath
Isabel Clinic
110 Isabel Street
Winnipeg MB, R3A1G4
P: 204-415-6397
F: 204-505-2126

Dr. H. Benning
St. Boniface Clinic
343 Tache Avenue
Winnipeg MB, R2H2A5
P: 204-925-9546
F: 204-233-4271


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